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Elegant & Affordable Sleep Solutions

First established in 1978, Regency has been perfecting the gentle art of sleep for generations and is passionate and committed to creating a better sleeping experience and healthier lifestyle. This is accomplished by offering a healthy and intelligent sleep solution through combining premium adjustable bases with our mattress range. This allows our products to stand out through function and innovation, which provides true value for comfort.

Regency is an elegant yet affordable mattress range with various different feels tailored to suit any comfort level. Made right here in Australia and providing a 10 year guarantee, Regency Bedding strives to provide you with not only an exceptional sleeping experience at an affordable price, but peace of mind knowing that your mattress will last. With adjustable base compatability, our Regency mattresses offer an array of different sleeping options for whatever suits your needs, without the risk of distorting or damaging the mattress in the process, allowing you to rest the way you would want.

3 Zone Pocket Spring

Our 3 zone pocket spring system contains a layer of body moulding memory foam that provides pressure-relief, support and comfort for your entire body. This is divided up into soft support for your shoulders, while still providing firm support for your hips and lower back, giving you a healthier night’s sleep.

5 Zone Pocket Spring

Providing further comfort and pressure-relief is our 5 zone pocket spring system. To achieve balance, our 5 zone mattresses are designed with three key principles. That being to provide support to the lower back while assisting with spinal alignment. 
To reduce the discomfort on pressure points, such as in the hip region. And finally, to evenly distribute your weight across the five zones of the mattress.

7 Zone Pocket Spring

Our 7 zone pocket spring system offers the greatest level of support for your body wherever you need it most. Each zone assists in supporting a specific section of the body from the head down to the ankles and feet. This ensures that your spine, hips and joints are all properly supported while you sleep, providing peace of mind throughout the night.

Value for Comfort

Each one of our vast selection of mattresses is tailored to your requirements and comforts, providing you your own unique sleep experience. With its layers of Pulse Latex, foam with gel particles and an additional graphite memory foam layer, our Regency mattresses ensure that you not only feel comfortable while you sleep, but will also provide you with a breathable and cool sleeping surface. The added comfort will also help relieve pressure where it is needed most.

Aero-Gel Italian Layer

Made in Italy, this column gel layer is the ultimate in pressure point relief, ensuring your hips and shoulders receive the comfort and care they require. Thanks to its high density molecular structure, Aero-gel takes time to absorb heat, allowing it to remain fresher for longer than traditional materials. Additionally, thanks to the loopholes crossing its surface, Aero-gel is perfectly perspiring with a constant air circulation.

Graphite Memory Foam

Along with the benefits of gel infused memory foam is our graphite comfort layer to help create the ultimate sleep experience. This combination provides a super breathable surface that disperses heat, keeping you cool throughout the night, while providing a very responsive, pressure relieving and comfortable feel thanks to its open cell structure. Additionally, graphite provides a stronger and more durable material, meaning our mattresses will be better for longer.

Foam with Gel Particles.

Foam with gel infused particles is designed to distribute heat away from the body while increasing responsiveness allowing you to move more freely through the night. With a firm yet comfortable sleep surface, it molds to your body to provide comfort where it’s needed most, while preventing you from sinking into the mattress.

Pulse Comfort Layers

Providing superior ventilation, optimised humidity control and a perfectly balanced microclimate, Pulse Latex significantly reduces energy consumption, resulting in the best ecological footprint in the entire latex industry. Containing an ideal mix of natural and synthetic latex, Pulse Latex excels on all comfort levels and reacts very well and fast to ambient conditions. With its natural softness, breathability and resiliency, Pulse Latex is also super responsive for aiding pressure relief.

Temperature Regulation

Providing better airflow through the inclusion of gel memory foam, our mattresses allow heat to be drawn more effectively from the body, significantly improving heat capacity, conductivity and thermal effusivity. This produces a cooler sleeping surface, which is one of the most valuable benefits all of our Regency ranges have to offer.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Offering a unique comfort, Regency reduces motion transfer, meaning even if your partner tosses and turns during the night, you will still be able to sleep soundly without being disturbed. This is due to our multiple zone pocket spring system, as they offer individual support and greater comfort, meaning less tossing and turning. In addition they eliminate movement throughout the entire mattress as the springs aren’t linked together.

Breathable Wool Blend Quilt

Unsurpassed for its natural breathability and temperature regulation, our wool is used generously in the mattress quilting for superior comfort and performance. Woolen fabrics are a natural and sustainable material that have the added benefits of breathability in both the colder and warmer months and are durable and long lasting. We use our wool in the top panels to ensure a breathable, more restful sleep.

Luxury in Your Mattress

Each one of our Regency mattresses offers a luxurious experience unique to each individual. This is thanks to its adjustable nature, as each person can have their own unique sleep experience based on how they feel most comfortable. Coupled with benefits from world leading technology through European sourced materials and enhanced edge support to assist in any hip or joint pain, you can rest assured Regency has whatever you need to provide you with the best sleep possible.

Foam Box Construction

Edge support is the amount of resistance a mattress provides around the edges, while also helping to give it its overall shape. With strengthened assistance on all sides, our mattresses allow you to comfortably sit on any side of the bed, while still maintaining a firm surface. This is most important for anyone with hip or joint pain, or who have a difficult time getting up from a low position.

SensICE Cover

Temperature plays a key part in the process of falling asleep. Our body needs to drop in temperature before we can start to doze off. So in order to quickly fall asleep, we need to find that temperature “sweet spot.” SensICE does just that! SensICE mattress textiles are hyper-conductive as they take heat away instantly, resulting in a 
comfortably cool effect.

Adjustable Base Compatible

Thanks to our zone pocket spring technology, our three ranges are able to easily be adjusted at their top and bottom. This creates an even more comfortable shape for you to read, watch TV and even sleep. Additionally, thanks to its adjustable nature, our array of mattresses are ideal to assist in relieving pains in joints and ligaments, help alleviate back pain and overall improve your general health and well-being.


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